Ayurvedic principies

The Ayurvedic medicine provides a series of principles to keep our health in balance with the laws of nature:

OBSERVE: learn to observe what happens inside your body and in the external environment without judging it, trying to understand the true nature of things. In the Vedic Science there is the sentence: "Knowing that thing which once you have known it, will give you the knowledge of every other thing".

PAY ATTENTION: after observation, the next step is to pay conscious attention to every single thing is happening… a breath, a hand that tends to grasp, walking, washing the dishes, a blooming flower, making love, laughing, crying.

STAY: we are often overwhelmed by the continuous and incessant flow of our thoughts and habits and the easiest thing is to blame someone else, rather than staying and realizing what is really happening. ‘To stay’ is the only way to manage any kind of emotion - from fear to guilt, from sorrow to pain, from shame to anger - passing through it, living it, without feeding our ego.

HEAR: learn to listen to our breath, whose phases are connected to the life flow, rather than getting involved in our thoughts. Every time we block our breath, we block, even unconsciously, the flow of vital energy inside our body.

TRUST: it is necessary to ‘let it go’ to achieve the true understanding, letting oneself go and then you understand that every fear will dissolve into the transforming strength of faith in the inner self, in the Universe, in God.

ACCEPT: the conscious observation of what is happening, of the state of consciousness, together with the resolute attitude of listening and loving every message the body is manifesting, will teach us to accept every emotion, every pain, every sorrow, every symptom without fighting it, but trying to revitalize that inner wisdom and the health system that lives within us.

BE RESPONSIBLE: do not delegate our happiness/unhappiness to someone else, do not claim your physician for your disease and do not delegate your health care to him; be honest and straightforward with yourself so you will not have any excuses or justifications for not being able to love unconditionally your own life. Voltaire states in one of his quotes: " The art of medicine consists in amusing the patient while nature cures the disease."

ENTER THE SPACE: allow yourself to realize how small you could be in the immensity of the universe and how you can become one with the nature essences; our body is an intelligent system and each of us is a co-creator.

UNDERSTAND THE DHARMA: the purpose of your life, why you live on this earth, what you came to accomplish and how to align your personal purpose with the higher purpose of the Universe. A sentence of the Upanishad, ancient text of Vedic science states: " Tat tvam asi”, you are that.

EXPAND AWARENESS: realize that our sensory organs are limited and that if we want, we could access those higher states of consciousness using techniques of personal consciousness development.

STAY YOUNG: our body is subject to the aging process. We can slow down and reverse the process with a range of daily practices, such as: the self massage; the cleaning of the senses; yoga; meditation; prayer; the specific diet in accordance with your constitutional type and with your desires; the ayurvedic massage – i.e. abyangam; and the seasonal periodic practices like panchakarma, a detoxification and purification program which reverses the aging process of our cells and revitalizes our health.

FEEL THE SILENCE: silence says nothing. The silence cannot be expressed with the words, but the inexpressible exists because it is detectable. The silence reveals him. “Neti neti”, i.e. not this not that, according to the Upanishad.

BE ENTHUSIASTIC: the word enthusiasm derives from “en” and “theos”, i.e. something which is superior within itself.

SELF-ANALYSIS OF THE WRIST: it allows you to stimulate your inner intelligence, to keep the state of your health in the most effective way, to detect imbalances before they can manifest in a tangible and complete way.

MERIT: health and happiness belong to the divine law. We should learn to take care of ourselves to be able to communicate the right vibratory frequencies to the other ones.

GRATITUDE: say thank you for everything you have and you make.